Letters to the Editor: June 17


A Plethora of Positivity

Let me commend the Baltimore Jewish Times on four positive pieces in your July 10 edition. The cover article, “Looking Ahead of the Pandemic,” summarized that out of this pandemic people and organizations are demonstrating “resiliency and determination and adaptivity and innovation” says Pearlstone’s CEO, Jakir Mandela. JVC, JCS, BJC, and Pearlstone’s initiatives are the essence of the Jewish spirit that we are responsible for one another.

In the editorial, “Supporting Jewish Days Schools,” key positive messages were that, “We urge those who can to continue to support our day schools, and we encourage parents to re-enroll for the coming year.” My children have told me the positive outcomes their children have experienced from their dedicated teachers during this time of online education. We owe our gratitude to these Jewish educators.

The letter “Shuls Piece Missed the Mark” that Shara Alpert wrote I totally agree with. It is “foolish and irresponsible” that “protests necessitate all religious gatherings being open.” You are less likely to test positive for COVID if you wear a mask, social distance, and avoid large gatherings like protests or large religious gatherings. We have in her positively correct words, “a requirement to protecting our fellow citizens and upholding the Jewish value of social responsibility.”

Lastly, in the opinion piece, “I’m an Israeli Settler, and Here’s What American Jews Don’t Understand,” Rabbi Pilichowski expresses that an informed conversation about any land issues or peace plan must include the people who actually live on the land, the Jewish settlers and Palestinians whose neighborhood is under discussion. The positive impact our Jewish brethren have in Judea and Samaria can only be experienced by actually visiting there and talking to our Jewish “neighbors” firsthand.

Gregg Levitan, Baltimore

There Are No Good Neo-Nazis

It is incredibly offensive — not to mention frightening — to see any reader who does not condemn Trump’s remark that there were “good people on both sides,” when one side consisted of neo-Nazis having torchlight parades and chanting “Jews will not replace us” (“An Offensive Comparison,” July 10). There are no good neo-Nazis. That is just a figment of Trump’s ignorance. “Oh he really didn’t mean it that way” is the usual defense. And to blame the so-called liberal media for reporting accurately reflects a moral and ideological blindness. At least Farrakhan, as obnoxious as he may have been, was railing against a real evil of which he was aware well before many of us, systemic racism.

Sidney Chernick, Columbia

Story of Healing Inspires

An incredibly powerful example of not only forgiveness, but also courage, compassion, and integrity (“A Story of Healing Between Germans and Jews,” July 10). This article really brings to light the endless possibilities if we can move forward in one united front. A humble admission and act of change is a move of integrity and courage; a refusal to take an honest look at our past and continue to make the same mistake is the core of the problem. Thank you so much for writing and posting this article. Powerful to say the least.

Myra Deerbyshire, Frederick

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