Letters to the Editor: July 31


The Peter Beinarts of the Past

So many times my family read the Times in our apartment home on Broadway (“Beinart v. Gordis: The Israel Dilemma,” July 17).

When Sol went off to fight the Nazis in 1943, we knew that it was the right thing to do. After all, the Nazis meant business. They meant to kill all of the Jews, not just the German ones.

However, like Peter Beinart. there were many Jews who did not believe that those in power, the government, could ever harm them.

Time marches on and now there are the Beinarts who feel that if we would just comply with the Arabs and delete the state of Israel and her 6 million Jews, then everything will be all right. Daniel Gordis, on the other hand, knows that the so-called Palestinians, along with their cohorts in Hezbollah and Hamas, intend to do just what the Nazis intended to do and did.

My fellow Baltimore Jews, do not be misled. When they come for the Israeli Jews, you are next.

~ Dr. Carol Fineblum née Mazaroff, Needham, Mass.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I was shocked to read the July 24 editorial “Bari Weiss and The New York Times,” in which the JT editorial staff called out the Times for the need for “introspection…, and some effort to address the uncompromising liberal-left orthodoxy that currently seems to drive its work.”

The expression pot calling the kettle black does not even come close. For months (really four years), the JT has continuously looked for every opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump. Whether it was for not speaking out the way the liberal press would look against recent riots, selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the list goes on and on. The editorial staff even encouraged voters to think twice at the ballot box for someone who has a stronger moral compass. One of the Jewish people’s former enemies used to be known to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The same goes for this publication, which gives the president zero credit for economic growth, closing the borders to the pandemic or really anything else. Introspection at the New York Times? How about introspection at the JT for once.

~ Noah Cohen, Pikesville

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