That’s Kosher
Foods you would not assume carry kosher supervision
Why in the world would a ham glaze be kosher certified? Don’t know, but there are also candy canes, Halloween candy, Santa cookies and Easter eggs.

You can also get kosher mock bacon bits, and Herr’s makes kosher crab-flavored potato chips.

Kosher vs. kosher-style
There is big difference between kosher foods and kosher-style foods.

Kosher foods must meet the guidelines of kosher laws, and the food must be prepared in a totally kosher environment under strict
rabbinical supervision. It must be marked with a kosher-approved kosher symbol by an agency or rabbi that you trust and know to be reliable.

Kosher-style foods are Jewish foods and are not rabbinically sanctioned.

Did you know, according to a recent Mintel Report on the kosher industry, approximately 45 percent of typical supermarket dry grocery shelves are filled with foods that bear kosher certification?

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