GOP Hopeful Campaigns in Pikesville

Larry Hogan
Larry Hogan

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan made the rounds
of local businesses last week in Pikesville, but he started the day with an appearance at the Baltimore Jewish Council’s board meeting.

“He talked about his general campaign themes and his background,” said Arthur Abramson, executive director of the BJC. “He said the election is a lot closer than people believe, and he thought that his campaign has a lot of shared values with members of the Jewish community.”

Hogan, who according to polls has a hill to climb in his battle against Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, then toured a few businesses with the help of attorney Jay L. Liner, who agreed to help a friend close to Hogan’s campaign and extend introductions for the candidate.

Hogan started out at Gourmet Again and spoke briefly with owner Andy Hoffman, sampled some brisket tips and “introduced himself to customers and did some general schmoozing,” said Liner.
Next, they stopped at the Pikesville Senior Center, and Hogan spoke to an assembled group after a scheduled program. The day’s visits were intentionally low key with no planned speeches, said Liner.

A stop at the Trader Joe’s in Festival at Woodholme was next, where Hogan greeted customers at the door and made his way down the mall to the J.S. Edwards men’s clothing store and a stop at Lexington Lady, a women’s apparel store, where Liner introduced him to store owners Bernard and Richard Krieger.

“He’s very personable, very straightforward,” said Richard Krieger, who sits on the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce and called Hogan “a candidate worth looking at.”
“With candidates, it’s about the verbal statement and what they’re going to do,” he said. “How they’re going to do it is the question. … What’s the reality?”

Hogan plans to return in the near future with stops at Goldberg’s Bagels and Seven Mile Market.
“I think Pikesville is critical, he has to win in Baltimore County to have a shot at this race,” asserted Liner. “Pikesville is prime territory for that.”


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