Hateful Messages Found on Towson Chalkboard

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Photos provided

Students found anti-Semitic messages written on chalkboards at Towson University on the night of Oct. 10, according to a spokesperson for the school.

The messages included: “Fascism, Just do it,” “Hitler was right” and “With Jews you lose.”

After photos of the chalkboard were posted to Facebook, both Towson University and Baltimore County police were alerted to the incident.

“The person who did it may think it is funny, but it’s anything but,” said Art Abramson, executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, the organization that alerted Baltimore County police.

Abramson said he expects Towson University police to proceed with its investigation as it would for a hate crime.

101615_brief_towson2“[These messages are] attacking Jews; not Israel, which might have a different connotation,” said Abramson.

The area of the university where the messages were found is called Freedom Square, which is designated for students to speak among themselves on a variety of topics.

“The chalkboards are there so anyone can write whatever is on their mind, and [most of the time] it’s positive,” said university spokesperson Ray Feldman. “[But] it’s not a place for messages of hate, and that’s why it won’t be tolerated here at Towson.”

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