$5 For A Sounder Night’s Sleep


080913_mishmash_israelIsraeli techies have developed an app to show snorers just how often and how loud their nighttime habit is.

According to an article published by “Israel21c,” Snoring U is a $5 application you can download from the Internet for your smartphone or tablet. The app won’t only monitor your snoring lows and highs during the night, it will record them for playback and give you an electronic nudge by vibration or prerecorded sound if the snoring gets out of hand.

Knowing that one snores, and just how badly, is the first step in getting the right treatment, according to app CEO Avshalom Ben-Zoor. The creators envision users taking Snoring U’s detailed readout of their night’s sleep to a doctor or sleep lab to interpret.

Since its creation in 2012, Snoring U has had more than 100,000 downloads. Maybe you should try it … or pass it on to your snoring spouse!

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