JCC’s Belly Flop


Speaking for many members of the JCC in Owings Mills, we watch daily how the downstairs pool, splash pad, playground and two gyms cannot be used while camp is in session (JCC Members Upset Over Pool Hours,” July 15). The board decided that the members could not use these parts of the JCC in Owings Mills this year because of the influx of many camps now that Milldale is closed.

If someone even tries to go downstairs, they are yelled at and told to leave. My children attended the JCC camps for years, and always the members were allowed to swim and use the facilities with them. There was never a “safety” issue, as members are now being told.

This is so upsetting because the members were told about the amended hours only two weeks before Memorial Day after many new members had already joined. Because it has been made clear that the members are not important to the JCC, it comes down to the almighty dollar and the money the camps are bringing into the J.

With all these changes, the members are still expected to pay full price, even though we can’t use all of the facilities. At the very least, the fee should be pro-rated. I have heard many members say that they will not renew. Such a shame for the facility and the community.

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