6 Chanukah-themed books to read this winter

(Image by RoonZ-nl from Pixabay)

Looking for something to sate your appetite for Chanukah-themed literature? Not to worry, as the JT has tracked down some of the newest (or new-ish) Chanukah books, for kids and adults.

“You’re My Little Latke”
Natalie Marshall (Illustrator)
With illustrations by Natalie Marshall and intended for children from infancy to 2 years old, this board book from the “You’re My Little” series contains cut-outs, raised elements and rhyming text to familiarize young children with Chanukah traditions like gelt, menorahs and, of course, latkes.

“What is Hanukkah?”
By Shari Last
Intended for children ages 3 through 8, this fun little fact-filled book will help your children explore the history and traditions of Chanukah. Going over everything from the foods eaten for holiday to how to play a game of dreidel, the book will also help readers practice their Chanukah greetings and instruct them in the making of holiday crafts.

“Finding the Light: The Magical Story of the First Chanukah in America & much more”
By Arthur Piccolo
Take a trip back through time to 1654 to hear the story of the first Jews to ever set foot in North America, in what today is Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan, and share in their struggles to navigate the challenges they faced in New Amsterdam.

“Red and Green and Blue and White”
By Lee Wind
This illustrated book, intended for children 4-7 years old, is inspired by a true story. As the winter season approaches, both Isaac, who is Jewish, and Teresa, who is Christian, look forward to the fast-approaching holidays. When a smashed window in the night shatters this tranquil peace, it will test whether their community can band together and spread its light.

“The Dusk of Dreams: The Third Book in the Maccabee Series”
By J.D. Sonne
In the third and final book of J.D. Sonne’s Maccabee Series, the latest installment in this series retelling the Chanukah story, Judah Maccabee struggles to protect a nascent Hebrew state against Greek interlopers and enemy collaborators, as the Greeks seek to capture Judah himself.

“Miracles and Menorahs: A Friendships and Festivals Novel”
By Stacey Agdern
When a Chanukah festival for the town of Hollowville faces cancellation, it falls upon Sarah Goldman to work within a tight budget and engineer an advertising campaign to save the festivities. Can she convince a famed metal sculptor, who wants nothing to do with the festival, to contribute one of his sculptures and help save the celebration?

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