Balance Is Needed


Here we go again and again (“Appalled by Defense of Trump,” Sept. 22).

To the “Your Say” writer and all of the others appalled by anyone who has the audacity to say anything that may be remotely positive about President Donald Trump, I don’t expect you to understand this. And that’s a big part of our societal issues today.

But this was never about Trump. I (and many people) were appalled by the past eight years of change and hope that rocked our country. We did not: at the mere mention of support for President Barack Obama, mock our friends and family for their opinions; unfriend them from Facebook; boycott their company’s right to earn a living; prevent their views from being shared on college campuses; support our schools and colleges by giving our children a safe space and therapy dogs.

As remarkably “appalled” as you are today with Trump, we were equally appalled by what we had to suffer through with Obama: watching police be stereotypically branded as evil; having a health care system shoved down everyone’s throats; and seeing our unwavering support of Israel get torn down piece by piece.

This is a country that allows all forms of disagreement (at least it used too). People are tired of listening to politicians, comedians, actors and athletes who feel they have the only allowable rightful viewpoints while shutting down other points of view by branding those who have them as right-wing nut baskets, KKK sympathizers, religious zealots and racists. I am in no way any of these, and there are many of me out there.

Many of us do not love Trump in any way, and we want you to speak your mind. We respect your opinions as we always have. We do not think all of you are anarchists or left-wing off-the-wall progressives who want to destroy the U.S. All we ask is equal treatment. Do not shut us down by branding us as KKK or racist right-wing lunatics. You created Donald Trump, and if you continue to shut down or shame other points of view, you will ensure his re-election, and then this crazy cycle will continue unabated.


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