We Need Proper Gun Instruction


Thanks very much for the article on the Givati Rifle & Pistol Club (“Aiming High,” March 30) and especially for featuring it on the cover. If the student march had been featured on the cover, I probably would never have seen the article because I would not have been inspired enough to pick up the issue. I guess the editor recognized the club was of uniquely Jewish interest, whereas the march was not.

The article inspired me to teach my daughters how to safely handle a firearm. I learned from my dad when I was 11, and by the time of my bar mitzvah I was fairly proficient. I’ll never forget my first rifle, learning to shoot at what would become my high school’s rifle range in Silver Spring and how awed we were by our veteran fathers, who were our primary instructors. Many had combat experience, and their no-nonsense attitude conveyed a healthy understanding and respect for the consequences of not taking it seriously. Safety rules in my young, impressionable mind were like mitzvot. They were an indelible code of behavior.

It saddens me that there is so much ignorance. Fear of having your children even being near a firearm translates into not having a clue of what to do if someone near you is handling one, and that’s how accidents happen. Not having appropriate supervision and mentorship permits a cavalier attitude toward the use of a weapons and could potentially lead to loss of life. Of course, there are those who unfortunately don’t properly secure their firearms and there are holes the gun-buying vetting process, among other issues.

In any event, thanks again for not sweeping Givati into a back page somewhere. I’m hoping this summer I can contact Givati as a prospective member, teach my kids and make some new friends.


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