Caving to Progressives


The irony in reading Sen. Cardin’s answers (“A Half-Century of Service: A Conversation with Ben Cardin”, Dec. 7) is that on one hand, he talks about strong support for Israel. But you asked him, of all people, whether he thinks his party will be pressured more to the left?

Sen. Cardin has already proven by his own actions and the actions of others in his party that when one’s political back is put against the wall involving Israel, they cave to the left. Sen. Cardin played the ultimate game of backdoor politics against Israel during the vote for the Iran deal. When less then a handful of true Israel-supporting politicians spoke out against the deal, Sen. Cardin, instead of showing his true support of Israel, stated that he had to “deliberately work his way through the details” and then cast his meaningless “no” vote only after the deal passed. It was after another failed “great Israel supporter,” retiring (how convenient) Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, made her decision in favor that the deal’s passage was assured.

What has happened to the Democratic Party of decades ago, the one I knew and loved when we had so many national and local Democratic leaders such as Hubert Humphrey and William Donald Schaefer who never wavered in their support of Israel and never allowed party politics to trump that support?

Sen. Cardin, your (and my former) party has been taken over by extreme-left progressives, whether it be the first unabashed socialists, a well-intended and wonderful women’s march takeover by Israel haters, or Louis Farrakhan and other Jew haters welcomed by party leaders. If you chose party politics over Israel in the Iran deal, the hope that you and other Democrats won’t be pushed under even more extreme pressure to do it again and again is nil. I have no faith in your party anymore.

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