Beresheet Crash Doesn’t Stop Learning for BT Hebrew Students

BT Hebrew students followed the Beresheet mission. (Photo provided)

Hebrew students at Beth Tfiloh Community Dahan School got a hard lesson in reality, after Israel’s Beresheet unmanned lunar lander, whose progress they had been following since its launch on Feb. 21, crash-landed on the moon. Students from BT’s lower, middle and upper school Hebrew classes followed the mission, creating art and writing projects about the lander, the moon and what the spacecraft might find there.

But on April 11, as students watched Beresheet’s attempted landing, it crashed on the lunar surface.

Lower school Judaic studies teacher Miri Levin said students celebrated Israel’s achievement of sending a spacecraft to the moon.

“We made a 3-D model of the spacecraft, each student took a picture as an Israeli astronaut and watched clips of this amazing milestone. Unfortunately, Beresheet, the first Israeli spacecraft, didn’t land successfully,” Levin said. “However, this is still a tremendous accomplishment. We learned that for individuals with a passion — the sky is not the limit. We also can learn from this to appreciate the journey, even when we didn’t reach the ultimate goal. And like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, they will continue trying. Never give up on a dream!”

Space IL reported that “a technical glitch in one of Beresheet’s components triggered the chain of events that caused the main engine of the spacecraft to malfunction.”

About the craft’s unsuccessful landing, Morris Kahn, Chairman of SpaceIL said, “Israel made it to the moon. Beresheet’s journey hasn’t ended. I expect Israel’s next generation to complete the mission for us.” He later announced the establishment of Beresheet 2, forming a new group of donors to support it and a team to lead the project, which will begin immediately.

Israel Aerospace Industries released a statement saying “The Beresheet effect will continue to lead the children of Israel to dream about Beresheet 2.0!”

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