Chabad of Downtown looks forward to in-person programming

Before the pandemic, Chabad of Downtown in Little Italy usually hosted a themed Shabbat dinner on the first Friday of every month. In what looks...

Arts & Life

You Should Know … Ilana Kornblatt

Ilana Kornblatt, 24, knows what it’s like to be involved in BBYO as both a teen participant and as a professional. Kornblatt is the regional...
Daniel Libeskind

Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue selects Daniel Libeskind as lead architect for major renovation...

By Toby Tabachnick Daniel Libeskind, the internationally renowned architect who designed the World Trade Master Plan in New York following 9/11, has been chosen as...
Brad Sachs

Columbia psychologist Brad Sachs treats freewheeling emotions

By Tony Glaros Peering at COVID-19’s roiling effects through a steady, objective lens, Brad Sachs, a Columbia psychologist, doesn’t mince words when articulating the pandemic’s...


Infusing holiness into our days

This week, we conclude the Book of Leviticus, whose aim is the establishment of holiness. Leviticus begins with a description of the sacrificial system...
Phil Jacobs

Opinion | ‘When the Dodgers left Brooklyn’

By Phil Jacobs I was sitting in the rabbi’s office. We were interviewing for a feature story. He was Chasidic. He told me about his Brooklyn childhood,...

Confronting domestic abuse

During the past year, home has been a safe haven for most people. It was the comfortable refuge from the deadly pandemic, which predominantly...

Nation and World

Yair Lapid

Israeli centrist Yair Lapid is given an opportunity to replace Benjamin Netanyahu

Yair Lapid, an Israeli centrist, has officially been given the opportunity to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from power. On Wednesday, President Reuven Rivlin gave Lapid the...
Israeli flag

Did Netanyahu just lose? Here’s what happened Tuesday in Israeli politics

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to form a government by the deadline imposed by Israeli law, thrusting the country into uncertain political...
Mourners at the funeral of someone who died at the Lag B'Omer stampede

What is Israel’s Mount Meron and why were so many Orthodox Jews gathered there...

“If you haven’t seen the joy of Lag b’Omer on the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, you haven’t seen joy at all,” wrote...

Food & Dining

Curry-roasted cauliflower

The sides have it

By Keri White I have played around with vegetables of late. And as spring finds its stride and we turn to lighter fare and simply...

How to make pampushky

By Sonya Sanford Pampushky are fluffy, soft Ukrainian garlic bread rolls. Ukraine was known as the “breadbasket” of the Soviet Union, and both garlic and...
gefilte fish

The secret not-so-Jewish history of gefilte fish

By Rachel Ringler Some see gefilte fish as a delicacy, others as something too disgusting to contemplate. Either way, it would probably appear on most people’s short...

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Inspiring Home Kitchen Design

Home is where everything is. Our homes are no longer places where we keep our possessions and sleep at night. Today, home is an...