A Better Plan?


Rosellen Fleishman (“Artistic Controversy,” Letters, Dec. 21) damns the “Ultra Orthodox marginalized fanatics” for requiring that pictures of semi-nude people be covered up at a [Macks Center for Jewish Education] exhibit [hosted by the Jewish Community Center. I wonder if she knows that those so-called fanatics have spent thousands of hours studying a plan of how to conduct their lives in a healthy, wholesome, often scientifically correct manner.

She berates the 1990s when a miniscule few did not own up to their mistakes. I don’t recall any mass shoot-ups on college campuses, in first-grade classes or in movie theaters in those years. Could it be that possibly her so-called fanatics know something that she doesn’t know? The plan that the Ultra Orthodox are trying to teach and to follow was written by God, and it is called the Torah. Has Ms. Fleishman got a better plan upon which we should base our lives?

Sonia Looban Greenspon

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