A Poem For Sandy Hook


The mothers drove their children
to school that day
Before they left, “have a good day”
they all did say
Not knowing what the day would
have in store
Having faith everything would
be OK for sure.
The good Lord did give and 20 souls
he took
From a small public school named
Sandy Hook.
We still don’t know why they had to die
The mothers, fathers, siblings cry and cry
Right before the Christmas
holiday season
Gifts under the tree, there must
be a reason
Angels don’t need gifts, they have
their wings
We must keep our faith and let it bring
Solace knowing they suffer no more here
No one can hurt them there are
no more tears
Their souls have returned to heaven, their home
This day in December no one is alone.
The families share their loss
with the world
The children share their souls
with the Lord.

Robin Hirsch

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