A Twisted Tisha B’Av


I would like to comment on the article “Commemorating Tisha B’Av Through a Modern Lens” from the July 20 JT.

It saddens me greatly that the article illustrates the ignorance of some of our young Jewish adults concerning the proper perspective of Jewish history. This ignorance was illustrated in the article which describes a program which discussed the Holocaust and the Spanish Inquisition together with Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and Freddie Gray.

Individuals can discuss and debate whether any injustice was perpetrated against Freddie Gray or whether there is any merit to the positions espoused by the so-called OWS movement. Both are highly controversial and there are many on both sides of those issues.

What is crystal clear, however, is that to associate in any way, shape or form the injustices suffered by our people in the Shoah and the Spanish Inquisition to Freddie Gray and the OWS is a disgrace, sacrilege, distortion and profanation of our history. To even mention Freddie Gray and OWS in the same program as the Shoah and Spanish Inquisition is a desecration of the memory of the 6 million Jews killed in the Shoah because they were Jews and those Jews who suffered in the Spanish Inquisition and Spanish Expulsion that occurred on Tisha B’Av. It is an affront to Shoah survivors still living and to those of us who lost relatives in the Shoah.

To use a Tisha B’Av program, which commemorates the destruction of our holy temples and all the suffering, pogroms, expulsions, burning of irreplaceable Jewish books and destruction of Jewish communities that our people have experienced over the last two millennia to any contemporary perceived injustices illustrates to me that the young people who gathered at the Moishe House have no appreciation or sense of Jewish history.

Those young people need an education as to what is a real historical tragedy. They should have attended one of the many fine Tisha B’Av kinos programs that took place all over the Jewish community to get this historical education and perspective.

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