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Abramowitz’s Letter ‘Disregards the Facts’


We wish to respond to the letter written by Janet Abramowitz (Your Say, July 17) regarding our opposition to the proposed synagogue on Stevenson Road. Abramowitz alleges that we are opposing the synagogue to keep Russian Jews out of the Stevenson community.  That is completely untrue and disregards the facts.

As two of the families most directly affected by the proposed development, we are concerned about the development’s impact on safety, the environment and the tranquil nature of our neighborhood. These reasons are fully described on our website

Our concerns apply equally regardless of the religion or country of origin of the proponents of the development.  Frankly, to suggest otherwise is defamatory. The 2006 development plan for the properties at issue calls for a residential use and not an institutional use that will have major parking, safety, environmental and other impacts on the community.  These reasons are why we are joined by hundreds of Stevenson-area residents (of all religions and ethnicities) who have signed a petition in opposition to the proposed development.

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