Absolutely Correct!


Calling upon the Jewish community to “Shun Henry Kissinger” (online only, Aug. 8), Jay Bernstein questions why the Tikvah Fund, “an organization dedicated to promoting ‘serious Jewish thought’ is “associating with a man responsible for one of the ugliest remarks ever made to an American president concerning the Jewish people.”

Of course the Tikvah Fund honors Henry Kissinger. It is first and foremost a right-wing, conservative organization, whose Jewish concerns are secondary. More precisely, it calibrates and defines Judaism in wholly conservative, GOP-leaning terms. And Kissinger is a Republican icon. …

Bernstein argues that “no self-respecting Jewish organization should associate in any way with Henry Kissinger.”  He is absolutely correct. However, as embodied by the likes of  Kissinger, the Tikvah Fund is as much an authentic, self-respecting Jewish organization as are Messianic Jewish congregations.

S. Rex Cohen
Owings Mills

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