Acts of Complicity


When Alfred Dreyfus, an up-and-coming career soldier in the French army, was falsely accused of treason by passing on secrets to the Germans at the end of the 19th century, Emil Zola, then a well-established national French author, wrote his opinion on the entire sordid matter, denouncing the elites in the highest echelons of French society of rampant anti-Semitism. After years during which Dreyfus was imprisoned on Devils Island and numerous articles, opinions and court decisions, the real culprit was found, and Dreyfus pardoned. But the response that stood up most prominently was Zola’s because he uncovered what had hitherto been accepted as the norm, as it evolved into one of the most heinous examples of national complicity against the truth to find the real tyrant.

I, too, accuse: I accuse the Muslim world, the Western press and liberal society of acts of complicity that made the heinous and horrendous murder of 17 people in Paris, both Jewish and non-Jewish, from the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and the kosher supermarket, possible.

I begin with the Arab Muslim community of Middle East countries who almost daily run anti-Semitic cartoons of Jews, depicting them as snakes, scorpions and rats. Not only are Jews demonized, but the best-selling book in the Arab world is the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” As if that is insufficiently provocative,free-standing adjectives about Nazis to describe Jews just enlarges the picture of their complete and utter hatred of the Jew. And no one in the Western world’s free press cares or takes much notice. I accuse the Muslim world of a denigrating and horrendously hypocritical double standard that allows their societies to wallow in debasing the Jew while maintaining a stratospheric sensitivity about the satirizing of their prophet.

I accuse the Muslim world of gross complicity in the acts of violence, mayhem and murder committed in the name of their religion. While these acts of atrocity are committed, the billion-strong Muslim world has failed to take to the streets to protest the atrocities committed by their co-religionists in the name of their religion and prophet. There has been a vacuum of silence disproportionate to the acts of violence committed. And in our understanding, there can be no greater act of acceptance than to meet these criminal endeavors with silence.

I accuse the liberal press of softening the absolutely evil nature of Muslim terrorists and murderers by the language with which they are described. Labelling them as “militants” might make you think they are nothing but a few college students militating against some vacuous decision just made by the university chancellor. Using language that protects these killers instead of being more pro-active in describing them for what they truly are does a gross disservice to the free society to whom they allegedly inform.

Lastly, I accuse society for allowing the Muslim world to use a culture of violence that keeps them still in the Middle Ages. The right to stone a daughter for dating a male of her choice, the right to amputate a limb for committing a petty crime and the right to disregard the laws of the country in an attempt to pursue fundamentalist and horse-blinkered religious principles is an affront to the ideas of a civilized and progressive Western civilization.

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