Agree To Disagree


I am happy that Issachar Friedmann took the time to reply to my letter on halachic issues in Eretz Israel. Regarding women dressing as men [Deut. 22:5], there are many interpretations, including the prohibition on women being combat soldiers bearing arms. The plain meaning, however, is that women should not dress as men and this does not contradict the right of women to wear tzitzit on a four-cornered female garment. This distinction was made at the Western Wall Plaza, where women were allowed to wear female tallitot. The Torah prohibition on intermarriage [Deut 7.3], according to Maimonides includes any gentile, not just the seven Canaanite nations.

If you think the modern State of Israel, fulfilling the words of the Prophets, exists only by the grace and generosity of American Jewry, we will have to agree to disagree.

Joseph Feld
United Kingdom

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