American Democracy?


Regarding “Fusion Of Faiths” (June 21): The attacks upon the Jewish community by Christian missionary groups masquerading as Jews are deplorable and morally bankrupt. Your article highlighting this menace is commendable. Members of Jews for Judaism are a group of unsung heroes who perform an essential role in our community. A group of these well-dressed, polite missionaries recently came to my door. Quickly realizing that they were going house to house targeting youngsters in the Orthodox Jewish community, I pointed out that these were devoutly observant people, firm in their faith, brought up with strong moral and ethical values. The only effect would be to break up these families. There are already too many heart-rending stories of split families filled with pain. Jesus would not like that — he hated suffering. On the other hand, I continued, there are tens of thousands of spiritually and morally lapsed, lonely and alienated non-Jews in Baltimore who desperately need their help. They have only limited resources, why not work on the non-Jews first? They responded to me: “We will tell [the young Orthodox Jews] what we like, and they can make up their own minds. We live in an American democracy.” What a nerve. These people are dangerous!
Rabbi David Wiesenberg

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