Another Van Hollen Defender


Rep. Chris Van Hollen has been unwavering in his support for the State of Israel. That’s why I was dismayed to read Brad Kauffman’s baseless attacks against him (“Democrats Must Be Held Accountable,” July 15). Van Hollen has consistently advocated for Israel’s security and qualitative military edge, championing American leadership to preserve Israel’s Jewish and democratic character through a two-state solution.

Van Hollen’s support for the Iran deal is consistent with his ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. The IDF Chief of Staff has called the deal a “strategic turning point,” and for good reason: It is working.

The deal has successfully blocked every pathway for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. As a result of the agreement, the heavy water reactor at Arak has been filled with cement, Iran has shipped 97 percent of its enriched uranium out of the country and it has dismantled two-thirds of its centrifuges.

Van Hollen, unlike his Senate race opponent, Kathy Szeliga, recognizes that the purpose of the deal with Iran was not to curb Iran’s despicable support for terror, but to limit its nuclear capabilities. He understands that responsible leadership demands meaningful diplomatic engagement, even with states with which we have fundamental disagreements.

Van Hollen’s support for the Iran deal and advocacy for a two-state solution as a means of furthering Israel’s security speak to a record of steadfast friendship with the Jewish homeland — a record that will serve him well in the US Senate.

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