Are Jews A Scapegoat?


It was bound to happen: scapegoating Jewry for the Newtown massacre. However, post-Holocaust, such an accusation cannot be made outright but only through coded language.

On Dec. 21, National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre (“At Last, NRA Speaks Out,” Dec. 28) singled out the corporate media and violent video games and films [as the cause of] the Sandy Hook Elementary School rampage.

Translation: Media, which none other than communications mogul Rupert Murdoch has characterized as the “Jewish-owned press.” Violent video games: These are, of course, produced by Hollywood … the deluxe cover term for alleged Jewish manipulation and domination of white Christian America.

For LaPierre, Hollywood functions as a “callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and sows violence against its own people.” Proof of this “shadow” conspiracy, according to the anti-Semitic (and now, apparently NRA) mindset lies in American Jews’ overwhelming support for gun control: What better way to facilitate a Jewish takeover than by disarming gentile adversaries?

The NRA is closely aligned with the Republican party, which these days is dominated by conservative Christians who embrace the gun culture. According to [some] rabbis, “silence is concurrence.” Therefore … unlike the overwhelming majority of Jewish groups that support various gun-control measures, the Republican Jewish Coalition has thus far remained silent on the matter, tacitly supporting the NRA position.

Steve Weissman

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