Article Furthers Divisiveness


I don’t know who chose the title for Jonathan Weisman’s article challenging us to be aware of rising anti-Semitism, Mr. Weisman or the JT (“It’s Time for Jews to Open Our Eyes to the Anti-Semitism Building on the Right,” Nov 2). But it’s really bothersome to read once again that it’s the “right” we have to keep our eyes on.

To state that a wacko like Robert Bowers, who murdered 11 of our people in Pittsburgh, did so because he was on the “right” is absurd. And to also associate David Duke and Richard Spencer with the political right is insulting. I’m not sure where Mr. Weisman would place Farrakhan, left or right.

No, anti-Semitism is not caused by one’s political leaning. It’s caused by hatred in one’s heart for God’s chosen people.

The article would have been more irenic, fair and productive if it reminded JT readers that hatred of Jews is irrational, ignorant and clearly against the teaching of Torah. Someone should have picked a better title for this article, especially now in our divided country.

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