Aunt Sue’s Award-Winning World Famous Meat Sauce




2 pounds lean chop meat (or more)
2 large green peppers (or more)
1 large hot onion (or more)
1-2 can(s) peeled whole plum tomatoes, mostly drained
1 large can tomato puree


Sauté the meat, breaking it up into itsy bitsy pieces (this is really the key to the whole thing, so don’t get lazy about it!) Drain and put into large saucepot. Cut peppers/onions into large chunks, tomatoes into halves. Add half the can of the puree. Simmer at least two hours. Add more puree as necessary. Add chili peppers, salt, pepper, if you like. Adjust the ingredients if you prefer. Add more hot stuff and beans for chili. Serve with rice, pasta. Smooth a layer of mashed potatoes over top and bake for a cottage pie. It’s versatile and forgiving and freezes well, so don’t be afraid to make a big batch. And folks who don’t observe the laws of kashruth often like to throw in some shredded cheese at the end—cheddar and mozarella work particularly well.

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