Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership director’s home hit by rocket

Ashkelon (Photo by Wikipod, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

A rocket has hit the home of Sigal Ariely, the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership director. Her son was slightly injured and taken to the city’s Barzilai Medical Center.

Ashkelon is a coastal city in Israel, located near the Gaza border. Ashkelon and Baltimore have been sister cities since 2003.

“We have spoken to Sigal and she and her family are strong and resilient,” The Associated wrote on Facebook. “We, her Associated family, stand ready to assist in any way needed as they recover. We ask that you keep Sigal and her family in your thoughts.”

Ashkelon has been subjected to rocket attacks throughout the conflict. Two women were killed in Ashkelon last week by the attacks, and homes and other buildings have been hit, according to the Times of Israel. On May 13, Ariely shared a post on Facebook describing what Ashkelon has been like during the fighting.

“It seemed like Hamas put Ashkekon as a target, trying to wipe us from the world. [Four] days of the question to take or not take a shower is part of the decisions you make, and if you decided to take one, you do it so quickly, in and out . Hanging laundry in the yard is scary, hanging and looking at the sky, and listening to hear the beginning of a siren.”

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