Baltimore Native Graduates from Technion’s Medical Program


Baltimore native Chaviva Korb was recently tapped to join the staff of St. Joseph’s Hospital in New Jersey as a resident physician after graduating from the Technion’s American Medical Program in Haifa, Israel.

Hospitals across the U.S. actively seek graduates from the Technion program because of its high-standards and training of medical students like Korb at Israeli hospitals in the metro Haifa region, according to a press release.

“I had really amazing professors that were able to connect with the students and make clinical experiences meaningful. The emphasis on research meant we received a broader and deeper perspective on medical issues,” Korb said in a news release. “What was remarkable was that despite the fact that both the teachers and students come from such different cultures, we all worked and learned from one another.”

The Technion prides itself on small class sizes, a diverse student body and individualized tuition.  The courses at the Technion also stress the doctor-patient relationship and ethical aspects of medical practice. Other major elements of the course are preventive medicine and community public health.


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