Being Zayde


Who likes saying goodbye? No one does really, but it can also be the greatest gift.

My mom passed away two days after her 62nd birthday, and that was more than 18 years ago. Of course, I miss her and think of her often as I try to keep her memory alive for me and my family.

In January 1999, our family gathered to celebrate a birthday for mom and a Mother’s Day she would no longer be here with us to share. For two days, family and friends gathered to celebrate life, love and family. Mom was home, and in-home hospice care was scheduled while we were given the amazing gift of saying goodbye to her.

Yes, it was her gift to us and a very special gift to her. Having that kind of opportunity to let someone know how you feel about them while giving them the support and encouragement they need to find peace in these situations is truly a gift for all who share in this experience.

So, this Mother’s Day, my hope is that I can let the mothers in my life know how special they are, how loved they are and that I continue to love and miss my mom. Being zayde is an honor and privilege that is awesome, but it only pales in comparison to being a mother, a mom, a wife or a bubbie.

So, as Mother’s Day comes, consider it a reminder to reach out to all the mothers in your life and let them know how you feel about them. Offer them your love and respect for all they do. Theirs is a 24/7 mission.

This week’s column was inspired by a friend who recently lost his stepmom unexpectedly two weeks ago. Although unable to say goodbye, they showed caring and love to her and now to each other as they celebrate her life and mourn her loss.

We certainly can take a day to make it an especially good day and accept the gift HaShem has given us in our moms. Whether they are with you in this world or not, find them in your thoughts and prayers and be blessed again and again as you do.

Celebrate mothers — today and every day.

Vito Simone is a Pikesville resident and a member of Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah.

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