Being Zayde


There certainly are a few scientific explanations about the color of the sky and how our atmosphere interacts with the sun’s rays to play tricks on our eyes to show us “color.”

There is more to it than that.

Remember, we are made in G-d’s image. What we see should be a reminder of grace and goodness. Something reflected onto us by Hashem himself and something we should cast out to reflect upon others to help make the universe a better place.

In that sense, when I look to the sky, to the heavens, I believe the beautiful blue skies reflect our world, our planet that was so perfectly created for us to thrive and flourish. Just take one look at images of Earth seen from space. Even from the darkness of space you can see the beauty in Earth and the water that surrounds us.

For me, the blue skies and all the clichés we have developed are all reminders of the magnificence of G-d’s creation. Of course, it reminds us of beauty, defines a “beautiful day” and reminds us of better days to come. Even above the stormiest skies you will find the calm blue skies of the heavens.

The blue sky is a reflection of our planet, and we are a reflection of the goodness of Hashem. Through good times and bad, dark days and blue skies, we have a certain responsibility to find our blue sky within each of us and reflect that to the world around us and especially to the ones we love.

We all have cloudy days that affect us; even facing stormy days we should be reminded of the blue skies within us. So, the next time you see someone struggling with a cloudy day, spread some sunshine and share your blue skies with them. Imagine how beautiful it would be if each of us walked around with a visible blue sky spreading over everyone we encounter.

When I think of being zayde, I think about the awesome ability to reflect love and goodness to my children and grandchildren. When I think of the many blessings in my life, I thank G-d for the goodness and pay little attention to the cloudy days that have passed through my life. Sharing the joy of my blue sky with friends, family and especially children and the elderly creates many truly special moments for me, and I think it will for you as well.

Being zayde is a team sport though, and I could not be a zayde without my family who I thank for making my days so full of blue skies.

Vito Simone is a Pikesville resident and a member of Moses Monefiore Anshe Emunah.


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