Betrayal Of Torah


Barry Rubin (“Have The conversation,” July 5) boasts that Messianic Jews “follow Torah … celebrate the [Jewish] holidays … [hold] services on Shabbat. …”  In that case, they are being bad Christians. Messianic Jews are Protestant fundamentalists, nothing less.  As such, they believe that Jesus, in his death and (alleged) resurrection, “fulfilled the Law/Torah,” thereby abolishing any need to
observe the commandments. They believe that the Lord’s Day (Sunday) has replaced Shabbat, that baptism has replaced circumcision and that the dietary laws are annulled. Rubin said, “Our children have bar/bat mitzvahs.” But as a matter of theo-logical consistency, what purpose is served by  being called up, as a rite of passage, to read from a document whose mandatory provisions were thrown out by Christianity a long time ago? Lastly, in affirming the Trinity, Messianic Jews engage in idolatry, a major betrayal of Torah and Jewish observance. …

On another issue, Rabbi Yaakov Menken (“Continue in Honest Dialogue,” July 5) notes that “Jews should know that relations with someone of the same sex is forbidden by Jewish law, the same way they know that pork is not kosher.” This is an extremely important point: namely, that homosexual activity, according to the Torah, is a ritual, not a moral, transgression. It falls in the same category as Sabbath desecration, eating treif and mixing fibers (shatnez).

Baruch Shaw

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