‘Bizarre, Unbelievable’


Where to start (“Clayworks’ Conundrum,” July 14)? First, any executive director who has such disdain for his colleagues and the community he serves that he would use the f-word to describe a beloved founding member is only displaying his own arrogance and hostility, deadly attributes that cannot be sustained in a leadership position. Secondly, although it is a cryptic quote, Devon Powell’s assertion that longtime patrons have a “sense of entitlement” is bizarre and unbelievable. These are the people who have put their sweat equity into this institution for years and who have also put their money where their mouths are to try to save it. These are the people any other nonprofit organization would give their eye teeth to call their own, yet Powell goes out of his way to disparage them.

What game is he and the current board playing? What responsible board, facing dissolution and bankruptcy, would kick the hen that lays the golden egg in the kishkes? I hope JT readers look beyond the inflammatory statements to discern the true motives of this discredited board. If they are not trying to save Clayworks, perhaps the rush to sale or bankruptcy is an attempt to cover their actions and save their own skin.

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