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012315_insider_inside_scoop_book“Summer on the Short Bus” by Bethany Crandell
Running Press Book Publishers, 2014. 256 pages
Nook Book and paperback

Bethany Crandell’s debut novel is a perfect pick for the young adult in your life. “Summer on the Short Bus” tells the story of 17-year-old Cricket Montgomery, an over-privileged and entitled teen with tons of attitude. Fed up with her behavior, Cricket’s father decides it’s time she got a job. So he sends her off to a summer camp for children with special needs. Cricket experiences major culture shock but ends up making some surprising discoveries and meaningful friendships. Pack this in your preteen camper’s duffle bag! As the parent of a daughter with special needs, Crandell tells it like it is, so, warning: This novel is realistic but not always politically correct.


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