Businesses Backed Invasion, War Bonds

(Susan C. Ingram)

Just three days after the coordinated U.S. and allied invasion hit the beaches of France on June 6, 1944, to be forever after known as D-Day, the cover of the June 9, 1944, edition of the Jewish Times offered an “Invasion Prayer” by Mrs. Harry G. Samson.

The prayer asks God for forgiveness of sins and compassion during “these tragic days of darkness when the evil forces of death and destruction are seeking to destroy” the world, liberty and freedom.

“Give to men and women in the service and all their leaders whether on land or sea or in the air, faith, courage and strength of Thy light and power to help crush this monster evil from all countries in the universe and may Thy cause triumph in victory.”

Inside, the magazine is filled with ads for Baltimore businesses urging readers to buy 5th War Loan war bonds, with slogans such as: “Keep Backing the Attack!” “It’s Zero Hour on the Home Front Too!” and “His patriotism is written in BLOOD — Yours is written on every BOND you buy.”

Images on the ads include a cartoon of Hitler and Japanese leader Hideki Tojo being pushed off a cliff by a big hand emblazoned with 5th WAR LOAN; a photograph of an injured GI receiving aid in the field; and a drawing of a parachute-wearing pilot scrambling for his bomber.

On page 13, an Army Signal Corps photo with the headline, “Meet Mr. Long Tom, Adolph,” shows a group of 155 mm M1 field guns, known as “Long Toms,” covered and awaiting D-Day on a field in England.

“They are highly mobile, as Hitler’s legions at Anzio beachhead found out,” the ad for Bendann Art Galleries says. “They carry your name and address if you happen to be a Nazi. Buy more War Bonds and it will never be said that we had too little too late.”

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