Call Out Hate from All Sides


I grew up in small West Virginia town where the word “Jew” was a verb and not a noun. Because of my background, I am more sensitive to anti-Semitism than most people (“ADL ‘Heat Map’ Identifies Trends in Hate,” Aug. 24). I despise the white supremacists, but I recognize them for what they are. They make no effort to hide their ignorant, ugly racism. I have read that they number around 200,000 people in our nation of almost 400 million people. I am aware of them but I do not fear them.

What I fear much more is anti- Semitism from educated people on the left. It is largely masked as anti-Israel rhetoric. When someone like Louis Farrahkan can be invited to speak at Morgan State University, but someone like Ben Carson is not allowed to speak at Johns Hopkins University, this frightens me. When the very frightening Antifa sets cars on fire, breaks windows and attacks people, something is very wrong. Maxine Waters telling people to basically attack people who do not agree with her politically is just wrong.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez espouses her anti-Israel views and then admits she really does not know much about the Middle East, this scares me. When we ignore the fact that our former president sat in the Rev. Wright’s hate filled church for 20 years, that frightens me. When our politicians have more allegiance to their political parties than to their constituents, that frightens me. When the ADL releases an article about trends in hate and only talks about the hate groups on the right, that really frightens me.

We must recognize anti-Semitism whether it comes from the right or from the left. Here in Baltimore, where there is a large Jewish population, we do not realize just what a small minority we Jews are. We have a false sense of security. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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