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Whereas I am most appreciative of the coverage the JT gave the situation facing the Baltimore Jewish Community regarding the status of our cemeteries (“Honoring Those Who Came Before Us,” Dec. 18), I’d like to share a few observations.

When I came across the desecration of the German Hill cemetery I was in shock, and it was clearly a huge vandalizing of one of our holy eternal resting places. Such vicious vandalism went unreported to the media, and as I put so much time, effort and energy into bringing the whole situation to our communal attention, I think one article on the topic is insufficient and was contrary to my recommendations. I realize that the Jewish Times is in the business to sell its magazine; however, it also serves the community, and I would like to have seen an article on this topic.

Alarmed and concerned and in reaching out to various community businesses and people involved in the death-and-burial process, I was completely ignored, other than when I approached my cousin, Howard Gartner, who’s a volunteer with Associated Jewish Charities and who’s close with Mark Smolarz of The Associated. Having spent a huge amount of time reviewing major topics involved with our cemeteries and potential long-term solutions and sharing them with both Howard and Mark, we have made huge progress together.

Whether you address the progress and/or overall solutions we will be initiating, I would like you to know that we will be working closely with The Associated, the Jewish Cemetery Association and others to address all of these concerns.

Thank you for bringing to light this major issue we are facing. It’s a difficult topic for many to address; it touches on vanity and ultimately our own mortality. May we all merit healthy, happy and successful lives together and strive to protect and preservice the sanctity of our eternal resting places in Baltimore, which can no longer be left off our list of important projects.

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