Alex Edelman

Alex Edelman’s new comedy show raises questions about Jewish identity

If you click through Twitter, you may come upon a list of some 250 accounts called “Jewish Nat’l Fund Donors.” But it’s safe to...
Phil Sklar

Meet the Jewish founder of the world’s only bobblehead museum (and meet his Chanukah...

By Jacob Gurvis A crochet museum in Joshua Tree,  Calif., features countless crochet animals that appear in airport ads worldwide. The National Mustard Museum in...
Scene from Fires in the Mirror

Center Stage explores Crown Heights riot in ‘Fires in the Mirror’

One August evening in 1991, long-simmering tensions between the Black and Orthodox Jewish residents of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, boiled over after 7-year-old Gavin Cato,...
Arthur Kurzweil against a backdrop image of his dreidel collection

A prolific Jewish writer has collected 4,000 tiny dreidels found by Eastern European treasure...

By Shira Hanau Even when Arthur Kurzweil sits by himself in his study, he doesn’t feel that he’s alone. After all, he has the dreidels...
Dress with statement shoulders

A winter wonderland of bridal fashions

By Susan Ruddie Spring From elopements and micro-weddings to grand fetes, today’s celebrations have one thing in common: Bridal wear is more fashionable than ever...
Round teak wood phone speaker

2021 Chanukah gift guide

By Rebecca Brown The struggle is real: What are we buying our loved ones for Chanukah this year? Finding the perfect holiday gift may seem...
Adrien Brody plays billionaire Jewish investor Josh Aaronson

HBO’s ‘Succession’ delves into antisemitism

By Jarrad Saffren I was born in 1991 and grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs. It was a safe and prosperous time and place for...
Alison Kowitz Kaplan

You Should Know … Alison Kowitz Kaplan

Alison Kowitz Kaplan sold insurance until she realized she could make a living from her own kitchen. Now known as Mom the Baker on...
Paul Rudd

Jewish actor Paul Rudd is ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ for 2021

Paul Rudd, the Jewish movie star whose original family name was Rudnitsky, was named People magazine’s “sexiest man alive” in 2021. He responded to the...
Arno Mayer in "Camp Confidential"

‘Camp Confidential’ asks if ends justify means

By Sasha Rogelberg When Arno Mayer joined the Army in 1944 after fleeing France from Nazi clutches, he expected to exact revenge on the regime...