Hispánico Ballet’s Jewish Choreographer Explores Her Roots With Art

Andrea Miller, 37, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but it never felt like home to her. She defines herself as someone with...

People of the Land: Exploring Judaism’s Rural Roots

“Judaism as a religion is deeply tuned to seasonal and agricultural cycles,” said Josh Rosenstein, founder of Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes, which designs, installs,...

Exhibit and Event at BHC Explore the Immigrant Experience

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation is hosting an art exhibit that aims to raise awareness on issues facing immigrants to the U.S. The synagogue will host...

The Fascinating Mr. Berlin

A good case can be made that Berlin was much more than just the finest American composer of his time but that he was the voice, even the embodiment, of 20th-century American culture.
66-year-old man in button down shirt and blazer, holding an open book. The cover says "I am the Witness: Exodus."

Witness Jewish History Unfold Through Allen Feiglin’s Innovative Storytelling

When Allen Feiglin, 66, talks about the deer, foxes, squirrels, and other creatures that frequent the open field behind his home, one gets the...

Jewish Master Violinist to Perform in Baltimore

A graceful arm sweeps across the violin, as the bow tugs in a romantically hesitant manner upon the strings. Suddenly, Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto is...

From Scrapyard to Schoolyard: JMM Creates History-Themed Board Game

Calling all chess champions, Monopoly mavens, Boggle bosses, and titans of tic-tac-toe. The Jewish Museum of Maryland (JMM) has created its own educational board...

Designing Her Own Second Act: Local Attorney Finds ‘Pure Joy’ Filling an Art Market...

On the day Jill Glasser Miller graduated from Georgetown Law, her roommate’s father — a successful attorney and an artist — gave her a...
(Courtesy of Kosher Bar)

First Kosher Bar in Former Soviet Union Serves Cocktails and Torah Lessons

As an Orthodox Jew, Aryeh Rov had little interest in this port city’s rich and vibrant bar scene. For one thing, most drinks served in...
Rabbanit Jenna Englender dances with the Torah during her graduation ceremony from Yeshivat Maharat in New York, June 17, 2019. (Shulamit Seidler-Feller/Maharat; photo illustration by Grace Yagel)

10 Ways American Jewish Life Changed in the 2010s

All of the gloom and doom that many in the Jewish community have felt toward the end of this decade should not obscure the...