Joy Reiger as Mira in “Image of Victory”

‘Image of Victory’ shows limits of idealism

There’s just as much singing and dancing as there is armed combat in Israeli director Avi Nesher’s film “Image of Victory.” In the final days...
Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen doc will have you saying ‘Hallelujah’

For a documentary to be worth your while, its subject needs to have historical weight. I think of some of the better documentaries or...
Moshav members

Shoresh gears up for its first Jewish music festival

Yona Openden, a co-chair of Shoresh’s Jewish Roots Music Festival, hopes the festival will provide younger generations of Jewish people with an opportunity to...
The Oxford Annotated Mishnah

How an ‘accessible’ Mishnah ended up with a price tag of $645

By Jackie Hajdenberg As an avid book collector who operates an inde-pendent Jewish press, Larry Yudelson was excited to learn that a new, annotated version...
Billy Crystal at the Tony Awards

Billy Crystal performs ‘Yiddish scat’ at the Tony Awards

By Andrew Lapin “Ella Fitzgerald, wherever you are, I apologize in advance.” Billy Crystal gave this year’s Tonys a jolt of Jewish shtick when he coaxed...
Adam Sandler

Next up for Adam Sandler’s production company: A YA bat mitzvah novel adaptation

By Caleb Guedes-Reed Last month, Adam Sandler threw his daughter a star-studded bat mitzvah party. Now, it looks like his production company is making a bat...

“Let There Be Light” finds meaning between the lines

By Sasha Rogelberg Liana Finck’s “Let There Be Light: The Real Story of Her Creation” is hardly the first time a mere mortal reinterpreted the...
Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein

Netflix releases photos of Bradley Cooper wearing prosthetic nose to portray Leonard Bernstein

By Gabe Friedman As Netflix released the first stills from the set of “Maestro,” Bradley Cooper’s biopic film about Leonard Bernstein that will likely be...
Meyer Lansky in Hat with Others

Before WWII, Jewish mobsters kept Nazis at bay in the US — with their...

By Howard Lovy The way author Michael Benson tells it, one day in 1938, New York judge and Jewish communal leader Nathan Perlman sat at...
Arielle Zorger

You Should Know … Arielle Zorger

Through her work as an artist, Arielle Zorger, 35, shows others that doing something you love makes working a lot easier. After growing up in...