You Should Know

You Should Know … Elizabeth Côté

Elizabeth Côté, 34, surrounds herself with great books while working for a nonprofit publishing department. Côté grew up in Ohio and attended the Miami University...
Nicole Disney-Bates

You Should Know… Nicole Disney-Bates

Nicole Disney-Bates, 35, advocates for her fellow special education teachers. After growing up in Ellicott City, Disney-Bates went to Towson University for psychology and family...
Eve Rosenbaum

You Should Know … Eve Rosenbaum

Eve Rosenbaum, 32, started playing baseball before she could walk or talk. Now, she works as the assistant general manager for the Baltimore Orioles. Rosenbaum...
Julian Sless

You Should Know … Julian Sless

Julian Sless, 27, has a passion for helping people by driving ambulances. After graduating from Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, Sless went to the University...

You Should Know … Erika Rief Hornstein

Erika Rief Hornstein, 31, works day and night to better the Jewish community through her volunteer work. Hornstein grew up in Owings Mills and graduated...
Arielle Zorger

You Should Know … Arielle Zorger

Through her work as an artist, Arielle Zorger, 35, shows others that doing something you love makes working a lot easier. After growing up in...
Zack Fertel

You Should Know … Zack Fertel

Zack Fertel, 24, strives to beautify Baltimore City through his work as a real estate investor. After growing up in Baltimore and attending both the...
Judith Gale Mont

You Should Know … Judith Gale Mont

Judith Gale Mont is showing young children the beauty found in nature, and how to transform it into works of art. Mont is a fine...
Matthew Goodman

You Should Know … Matthew Goodman

At Defender One Security, Mathew Goodman, 27, works to protect the community. Goodman grew up in the Baltimore area, where he had his bar mitzvah...
Ralph Imani

You Should Know … Ralph Imani

Ralph Imani, 26, works to provide low-income housing as a real estate investor. Imani’s parents immigrated to Baltimore and New York from Iran in the...