You Should Know

Alex Berezin (Hilary Maloney)

You Should Know … Alex Berezin

Alex Berezin, 33, studied information technology, but now he co-owns medical facilities. Berezin was born in Ukraine and came to the United States when he...

Businesswoman with an eye on the green: Jacquie Cohen Roth

Cannabis used to connote hippies, the ‘60s, and the word “dude” itself. But these days, what used to be a laughing matter is a...

You Should Know…Yona Schaap Zalesch

There have been a lot of discussions recently about the challenges children with disabilities face in virtual education. It’s a discussion that Yona Schaap...
Mark Gross interview Barbara Eden from “I Dream of Jeannie.” Courtesy of Gross

The Last Word: Mark Gross is the fan with all the backstage passes

Movies can be a popular diversion from loneliness during the holiday season. We can escape our living rooms to ancient China in the new...
Lisa and Brian Jolles (David Stuck)

The Last Word: Brian and Lisa Jolles promote health and wellness for 33 years

“There have been three moments in life where I am sure God intervened,” Brian Jolles, 61, said with absolute certainty. The first was when he...
Gil Plaks (courtesy)

You Should Know…Gil Plaks

Gil Plaks, 28, says Judaism to him means family. Plaks was raised in Reisterstown by his parents, who were immigrants from the former Soviet Union....
Howard Libit (courtesy)

The Last Word: Howard Libit goes from interviewer to interviewee

As a liaison between Baltimore’s Jewish community and the government, Howard Libit, Baltimore Jewish Council executive director, gets to see a diverse array of...
Taylor saval (selfie)

You Should Know…. Taylor Saval

Last year, straight out of esthetician school, Taylor Saval landed a job at Elements of Style in Eldersberg. Once the pandemic erupted, spas had...
Courtesy of Stephen Knable

You Should Know…Stephen Knable

Stephen Knable, 39, of Pikesville, has spent every holiday of his life at Chizuk Amuno Congregation. Knable is the Mid-Atlantic regional political director for AIPAC....
(courtesy of mckenna bates)

You Should Know…McKenna Bates

Towson University Hillel’s newest Israel engagement associate, McKenna Bates, is also a Girl Scout. Bates lives in Severn, and though she moved a lot as...