You Should Know

Steiner, by Caryn Sagal

You Should Know..Eric Steiner

Eric Steiner, 37, finds himself more in demand than ever as businesses face the economic pains of the pandemic. Just last week, both Cirque...
Lea Glazer by Olivia Bobek

You Should Know…Lea Glazer

If you want to plan a trip to Iceland or South America, then you have something in common with Lea Glazer, 22, of Pikesville. The...
Emily Goodman, by Rachel Feinberg

You Should Know…Emily Goodman

If you’re feeling classy and in the mood for a tea party, you should meet Emily Goodman, 26. As something of a tea aficionado,...

You Should Know…Meir Isaacson

Meir Isaacson, 21, was born and raised in Baltimore, where he is working on expanding his business. Oh, that’s right; even though he is...
Molly Kaye by Chana Wiesman

You Should Know…Molly Kaye

You can catch Molly Kaye, 23, drawing your hands as you wait at Penn Station. The Long Island native lives downtown, working at Beth Am...
Alina Kogan Photography

You Should Know…Jillian Manko

When she reflects on her success as a young leader, Jillian Manko, 30, attributes the influence her grandparents have had on her above all...
Noam Bentov

You Should Know…Noam Bentov

As the sun shines brighter but vacations are less feasible, Noam Bentov, 40, dreams of the beaches of Tel Aviv. A native of Herzliya, Israel,...

You Should Know…Sydney Bennett Hill

Sydney Bennett Hill, 35, has one of the most draining jobs in Baltimore. He lives in Calvert County but works in Baltimore for American...

You Should Know…Aliza Silverman

Aliza Silverman, 22, cannot wait to get back to mothering her students at UMBC Hillel as the engagement associate. Hailing from New Jersey, where she’s...
Yosef Webb-Chen by Beth Douthirt-Cohen

You Should Know…Yosef Webb-Cohen

Yosef Webb-Cohen has a lot to teach you about racial and religious dynamics. Webb-Cohen, 43, was born in North Carolina but raised in Sacramento, California....