The Loneliness of Social Distancing

At the beginning of last week, Jews were celebrating the festive holiday of Purim — with only limited COVID-19 concerns. But by week’s end,...

Tips on How to Talk to Your Children About Coronavirus

As we continue to navigate our own emotions about coronavirus, it is imperative that we — the adults — remain thoughtful in how we talk about the coronavirus to or around our children.

Baltimore Community Experiences Historic Lockdown in Response to Coronavirus

Across the Baltimore Jewish community, everything is quiet. Major synagogues like Baltimore Hebrew Congregation and Chizuk Amuno Congregation have shut down and moved online, and...

Jewish Epidemiologist Offers Community Recommendations That Can Save Lives

All serious epidemics disrupt populations, and all require important changes to what the population does. These changes are necessary and urgent to avoid preventable deaths and the spread of infections that cause more preventable deaths. That’s why I recommend that we as Jews temporarily but immediately refrain from attending synagogues and other in-person meetings, no matter whether we live in an area where there is a known case of COVID-19 or not.

Here’s What’s Closed, Canceled, or Postponed Due to COVID-19

As a result of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, the Baltimore Jewish community is seeing cancellations and closures. Here, we have compiled a list of...

Baltimore Jewish Schools Prepare for COVID-19

By Carolyn Conte and Rachel Kohn Thursday, March 12 Updates 4 p.m. Gov. Larry Hogan announces all schools to close.  Tuesday, March 10 Updates 4 p.m. Local universities...

Unambiguous Communal Response to Xenophobia Makes Powerful Statement

Last week, the World Health Organization raised its global health assessment of spread and impact of COVID-19, or coronavirus, to its highest alert level....