Food Feature

fish kabobs

Recipes to keep the weight off

By Linda Morel If you’re like me, you saw bathing suit season coming and you went on a diet. You’ve lost some weight. Maybe you’ve...
ingredients for orzo salad

Picnic perfect Mediterranean orzo salad

By Jessica Grann This orzo salad is my go-to summer picnic salad because it’s so full of flavor, yet very light. I love the mix...
baba ganoush

How to make baba ghanoush at home

By Jessica Grann Known as baba ghanoush across the Levant, this simple roasted eggplant salad only has a handful of ingredients. Like hummus, most people...

Cicadas are edible. But are they kosher?

By Isabella Lefkowitz-Rao   Worried? Repulsed? Intrigued? The emergence of Brood X is eliciting a whole host of emotions and has left people wondering what to...
Ingredients for piyaz

Piyaz: A simple summer salad

By Jessica Grann In Israel and throughout the Mediterranean Basin, salads, or salatim, rarely contain lettuce. Some are raw, and some are cooked — like...
chicken dinner

Spring chicken dinner

Story and photos by Keri White Spring has arrived in earnest, and that means a new crop of seasonal produce is at the market. I...
Making aranygaluska

This Hungarian coffee cake is even better than babka

By Joe Baur One morning, my wife suggested I look into making a different kind of bread. Not necessarily to replace my weekly challah habit,...

Matbucha: A delicious North African tomato and pepper dip

By Sonya Sanford Matbucha is a Maghrebi dish made of tomatoes and peppers and means “cooked salad” in Arabic. Jewish immigrants from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria...
Curry-roasted cauliflower

The sides have it

By Keri White I have played around with vegetables of late. And as spring finds its stride and we turn to lighter fare and simply...

How to make pampushky

By Sonya Sanford Pampushky are fluffy, soft Ukrainian garlic bread rolls. Ukraine was known as the “breadbasket” of the Soviet Union, and both garlic and...