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Autumn salads

By Linda Morel When summer gradually gives way to fall, I’m never quite ready to give up eating salads. In early October, it’s too late...
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A trio of fish dishes

By Keri White Although my summer sojourn to the beach seems a long time ago, I have held on to some of the fish recipes...

Nontraditional sweets to break the fast

By Keri White In many Sephardic cultures, the first bite to break the fast is traditionally something sweet — a piece of cake, dried fruit,...
Eat light before the fast, with small amounts of carbs, some protein and fruit like grapes. (Larry Koester/Flickr)

7 tips for staying healthy during the Yom Kippur fast

By Dr. Tzvi Dwolatzky (My Jewish Learning via JTA) There is a marked difference between the intended feeling of being uncomfortable with not eating or...

Classic Rosh Hashanah comfort cooking

By Linda Morel This year has been like no other. COVID-19 has changed the way we work and play, who we see and how we...

A menu for Rosh Hashanah

By Keri White Rosh Hashanah this year will be different. But the holiday will still arrive, and people will celebrate in person within their bubbles...

Honey and balsamic vinegar bring some sweetness to these Brussels sprouts

By Ronnie Fein | JTA In 2008, Heinz conducted a survey that identified Brussels sprouts as America’s most hated vegetable. Even people who never tasted...
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Rosh Hashanah dinner, a deux

  By Keri White As with many folks this year, our Rosh Hashanah gathering will be quite small — probably just my husband and me. Rather than...

How Schnitzel Became an Israeli Staple

By Rachel Myerson Schnitzel in Israel is a big deal. Like, a bigger deal than people realize. Or, at least, a bigger deal than I...
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Spelt Banana Bread With Chocolate, Dates and Tahini

By Chaya Rappoport |The Noshe via JTA Maybe it’s the home comfort it exudes, maybe it’s how easy it is to make, but for a...