Food Feature

French lentil and sausage soup: a meal in a bowl

By Jessica Grann Lentils are a vastly underrated whole grain, and American cooks are not prone to use them in their home cooking. I find...

A Jewish bartender’s 5 tips for homemade cocktails

By Maddy Albert | The Nosher via JTA It’s been a unique and challenging year for all of us; learning how to find joy and...
chai tea

Hot beverages for winter socials

By Keri White Winter is upon us and, normally, that means holiday parties, indoor gatherings and lots of time with extended family and friends. But...

Gehakte leber: Chopped liver

By Max Cohen The gehakte leber is probably one of the most popular dishes in Jewish cuisine, and the recipe is so simple that it...

This beety, beefy cabbage soup is perfect for quarantine

Story and photo by Crystal Rivera | The Nosher via JTA This comforting soup is a cross between a meaty borscht and my current obsession:...

Chanukah bimuelos: A Turkish twist on doughnuts

Story and photos by Jessica Grann Bimuelos are a tradition in my husband’s family, who emigrated to America from Izmir, Turkey, before World War I....
Keftes de prasa

I tried Chanukah foods from around the world

Story and photos by Sophie Panzer North American Ashkenazi Jews may associate Chanukah celebrations with potato latkes and sufganiyot, but there’s nothing in the Maccabees’...

VIDEO: How to make perfect latkes

By Shannon Sarna | The Nosher via JTA Making crispy potato latkes is a skill every Jewish cook wants to master. It’s not a big...

5 Chanukah food hacks to make your holiday dinner easy and delicious

By Lauren Manaker | The Nosher via JTA As the Festival of Lights approaches, you might be frying latkes and making applesauce in your dreams....

Turn Thanksgiving leftovers into turkey enchiladas

By Keri White This meal came together as a result of an oversized roast chicken, but it occurs to me that this is the perfect...