Food Feature

Tuna cakes

Tuna cakes: A kosher alternative to crabcakes

By Keri White These are similar to crabcakes without breaking kashrut. They are simple to make and, while you might not want to use expensive,...

Food for thought on Yom Ha’atzmaut

Israel is turning 74. May 5 is Yom Ha’atzmaut, which marks the anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948. We decided to celebrate...
Seared black cod

Black cod: Searing rather than shmearing

By Carole Lampel Mantel Did you know that black cod and sablefish are one and the same? I didn’t realize there was any other way...

Passover Desserts Put to the (Taste) Test

By Jarrad Saffren It’s Passover, which means it’s time to eat matzah pizza for every meal. OK then, that’s a tasty unleavened option for breakfast, lunch...
(Ilana Meiller)

Light arugula, broccoli and cucumber salad with almond dressing

By Ilana Meiller Pesach is almost upon us, and this recipe is my new invention worth sharing for the holiday. Truth be told, most of...
The word "fiber" written in flour

Passover foods with fiber: Is that even possible?

By Linda Morel Most Jews look forward every Passover to their family’s traditional foods: matzah balls, briskets, kugels and rich desserts. They enjoy matzah with a...

The experience of Passover goes beyond flavor

By Leah Holzel The pungent kick of horseradish on a fresh crisp sheet of matzah. The tender mouthfeel of a feather-light kneidel, moist with savory...
Gefilte fish

Friends keep gefilte fish tradition alive

By Wendy S. Laskin Each year, just before Passover, my friends Betsy Hill, Beth Rosenberg and I make gefilte fish from scratch. Betsy is...
almond butter cookies

Almond butter chocolate chip cookies

By Shannon Sarna I love it when people taste my pareve desserts and say, “Wow — this is pareve!?” It’s the same rule with Passover dishes...
Stuffed cabbage

Passover stuffed cabbage rolls

Chanie Apfelbaum | The Nosher via JTA There’s nothing like Passover to remind us where we come from. In many Jewish homes, Passover traditions are...