Food Feature

Mediterranean Fish Dinner

By Keri White The following meal came together rather nicely, using fresh fish with mostly pantry ingredients. I used halibut, but this dish would work with...
Shwarma chicken kebab

Shwarma Chicken Kebabs: Perfectly Spiced, Quick to Make and Oh-So-Juicy

By Chaya Rappoport, from The Nosher If you think chicken kebabs sound boring, I don’t blame you. Usually they are. And dry. But not this recipe. This...
Falafel schnitzel

A Trader Joe’s Hack: Falafel Schnitzel

By Shannon Sarna This article and video originally appeared on The Nosher. I love Trader Joe’s and I love cooking hacks that are crowd-pleasers. So I...

Salatim for Dinner

By Keri White One day last week, my daughter got a hankering for homemade hummus. Hummus is pretty delicious, but the homemade version is a...

Here’s a Fresh Take on Whitefish Salad: Make It With Labneh and Lemon

By Rebecca Firkser | The Nosher via JTA Few things are more reminiscent of classic Jewish deli fare than whitefish salad. And while buying it...
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Summer Special: Brisket Tacos With Carrot Slaw

By Rebecca Firkser | The Nosher via JTA When I was growing up, I knew brisket as an island of meat in a sea of...
hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and onions

Hot Dogs Are the Greatest American Jewish Food. Here’s Why.

By Joel Haber | The Nosher via JTA American Jewish food is most typically defined as pastrami sandwiches, chocolate babka or bagels and lox. But...

Banana Tahini Pops Are the Perfect Summer Dessert Hack

By Sheri Silver | The Nosher via JTA Remember when one-ingredient banana ice cream broke the internet? If not, let me refresh your memory. A while...
salad by anakopa / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Salivate Over This Salad

By Yakira Cohen A sad slew of lettuce and cucumbers isn’t cutting it anymore. This salad isn’t just a dish — it’s a full and...
Rusian dumplings, Sonya Sanford via JTA

How to Make My Grandma’s Russian Dumplings

By Sonya Sanford | The Nosher via JTA My grandmother’s kitchen was barely the size of a hot tub. Somehow, in that tiny, immaculate space...