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How the Monster of Anti-Semitism has Shapeshifted

UPDATE 9/30/2020 2:30 P.M. Edith Cord would like to clarify: "It’s not that there is too much compassion. Rather I think that people seem to...

Tony Hausner’s Genealogical Journey

By Andrea F. Siegel It was at a cousin’s son’s wedding in 1993 where Tony Hausner of Silver Spring learned he was related to a...

Sephardic Rice Dishes to Put at the Center of Your Table

By Linda Morel Rice is a grain with endless possibilities. While Ashkenazi Jews often relegate it to the side of their plates or see it...

Bringing the Family Together: G2 Program Builds Bonds Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

Audrey Polt was impressed, to say the least, when her two grandsons created a personalized flag to represent their family during a session with...

Managing Stress While Managing the Household

Under any circumstances, parenting is a stressful occupation. Under present circumstances, the issue is terribly compounded. Just a few short months ago, Jewish parents all...

Dear Seniors, How Are You?

Facing Isolation and Stress, Seniors Grapple With Coronavirus Threat Chayim Lando, 57, of Northwest Baltimore struggles to keep his mind at peace these days. He does...

COVID-19 Mitzvahs: What You Can Do For Your Community

Looking for ideas to help the community through this crisis? The JT has you covered: Call isolated seniors: Tiffany Nicolette, CHAI vice president of...

Baltimore Jewish Schools Prepare for COVID-19

By Carolyn Conte and Rachel Kohn Thursday, March 12 Updates 4 p.m. Gov. Larry Hogan announces all schools to close.  Tuesday, March 10 Updates 4 p.m. Local universities...
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How to Retire to Israel

Regardless of motivation, the key to a successful retirement in Israel is careful advance planning, as well as an open attitude toward the challenges of entering a new stage of life in a new country.
Wendy Weil Weinberg

Where Are They Now? Jewish Baltimore’s Athletic Legends

You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to take pride in athletes from the community. Just consider how intensely professional athletes train: They...