Of Birthright and B’nai Mitzvahs: Israel Trips Offer a Coming-of-Age Experience

It is of course a momentous day whenever a maturing Jewish boy or girl has their bar or bat mitzvah and, with it, takes...

When Emergencies Strike B’nai Mitzvahs

It’s the morning of your child’s big day. The caterers have started cooking, the venue has put up decorations, and family is starting to...
Adults smiling outdoors.

The Inner Child Runs Wild at Summer Camps for Jewish Adults

A still summer lake, with a cool breeze flowing over it as a red morning sun stretches its fingers up over the trees....
Smiling boy using mobile phone. Male is holding wireless technology.

Cellphones at Camp: Yes, No, or Maybe So?

Campers have a lot of opinions when it comes to technology: Why TikTok is better than Vine, which filter is best on Instagram, and...
Children wearing yellow and black sports uniforms, standing in a tight circle in front of their coach on a soccer field, raise their hands.

Sports Camps for All — Yes Really, for All

Some kids were born to love athletics. Others participate reluctantly or only when heavily bribed. No matter what your child’s ability or interest level,...
Wendy Weil Weinberg

Where Are They Now? Jewish Baltimore’s Athletic Legends

You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to take pride in athletes from the community. Just consider how intensely professional athletes train: They...

Changing Tastes in Jewish Summer Camp

For many parents, thoughts of summer camp are accompanied by their personal experiences — the friendly rivalries of color wars; evening campfires by a...

How Should You Define a Camp Counselor’s Value?

Every year at Jewish summer camps, friendships are made, color war plans are laid, and mosquitoes are sprayed. But it doesn’t just happen. Outside of the...

Does Meaning in Life Lead to Healthy Aging?

Myerberg members share how health, purpose, and happiness correlate People who have found meaning in life are relatively happier and healthier — most often those...
baltimore hunger project

Righteous Crowd Pledges $2K to Baltimore Hunger Project

In homage to the Torah reading this week, $2,000 of collective funds from Righteous Crowd (RC) members will support Baltimore Hunger Project (BHP). “In this...