Ella Kagan

Ella Kagan, Russian-Jewish school founder, preserves her culture

By Eric Schucht At the time, the presence of the photocopier was peculiar. Ella Kagan was at the Vienna airport after leaving the Soviet Union for...
Security forces respond with tear gas after the US President Donald Trumps supporters breached the US Capitol

Orthodox Jewish Trump supporters decry violence but not the movement that fueled the mob

Heshy Tischler, the pro-Trump provocateur of Orthodox Brooklyn, wasn’t at the U.S. capitol when a mob stormed it Wednesday — but not because he...

Students have gotten used to a new normal of learning

Nine months into the coronavirus shutdowns, many have found ways to cope with remote learning. Teachers have shared their highs and lows of online...

Commemorate MLK Day with these service and learning events

By Lisa Woolfson With Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on Jan. 18, right around the corner, there are plenty of activities to commemorate the...

Descendant’s Day program connects synagogue community to original members

It is fairly common for people to be inherently curious about their roots, to know where and who they spring from. And B’nai Israel’s...

‘I don’t recognize our country today’: Jewish lawmakers under siege in Congress give their...

It’s been a day unlike any in modern American history: An armed mob broke through police into the U.S. Capitol building, vandalizing offices and...
A health care worker prepares a vaccine

5 things to know about Israel’s attention-grabbing COVID-19 vaccination spree

By Philissa Cramer and Ben Sales Israel is making headlines for its response to COVID-19 — again. Early on in the pandemic, Israel was lauded for...
Olivia Seltzer

This Jewish teen created a daily news digest, The Cramm, read by millions worldwide

By Renee Ghert-Zand Unlike most teenagers, Olivia Seltzer doesn’t like to sleep in. She wakes up most days at 5 a.m. to scan the internet and...
dice reading "new start"

New start for a new year: Community members share their 2021 resolutions

Exercise more. Practice gratitude. Get vaccinated for coronavirus. Every New Year’s, people reflect on the past year and craft new goals for themselves. As unusual...
Jeffrey Rosen

Jeffrey Rosen, Talya Knable receive awards for leadership

At a recent board meeting of The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore, Jeffrey Rosen, 43, and Talya Knable, 38, received the Harry Greenstein Young...