Jessica Kirzane

Opinion | Here’s what Yiddish writers can teach us about Tulsa and beyond

By Jessica Kirzane My grandpa once told me a story about when my great-grandparents were on a steamship emigrating from Ukraine to Cuba in the...
Rabbi Jennifer Weiner

Parshat Korach: Arguing for the sake of heaven

By Rabbi Jennifer Weiner In our weekly Torah portion, Korach leads a band of rebels. Korach no longer wishes to follow Moses’ leadership. Instead, Korach...

Letters to the editor: June 11

Hamas aggression v. Israel’s self-defense Thank you for Ben Sales’ article (“All about the Iron Dome,” May 21) in which the writer claims first, that...

Partners in the battle against antisemitism

The announcement last week that Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is leading a group of Jewish and Black senators in establishing a coalition to fight...

The change coalition

The eight unlikely parties in Israel’s change coalition reflect the political contortions elements of Israel’s ideological leadership are willing to endure in order to...
Rabbi Avram Mlotek

Opinion | How a ‘wokestorm’ is misleading a generation about Israel

By Rabbi Avram Mlotek Just a few weeks ago, the streets of New York City were filled with thousands of people shouting “intifada” while also...
Sarah N. Stern

Opinion | Reflections, post-Gaza conflict

By Sarah N. Stern It is the period after another round of fighting between Gaza and the Israel Defense Forces. This is the fourth conflict...
Rabbi Craig Axler

Parshat Sh’lach: Lost in translation

By Rabbi Craig Axler When studying Torah, translation can make a world of difference in how we relate to the text. This week’s Torah portion...

Israel on the brink of change

As we go to press late Tuesday afternoon, Israel is poised for what could be significant political change that will usher in a new...

Antisemitism in America

A little more than a year ago, just before COVID-19 overtook our lives, we were lamenting the troubling rise of antisemitism in the United...