Phil Jacobs

Opinion | ‘When the Dodgers left Brooklyn’

By Phil Jacobs I was sitting in the rabbi’s office. We were interviewing for a feature story. He was Chasidic. He told me about his Brooklyn childhood,...

Letters to the editor: May 7

A serious mental health problem Regarding “The Gun Problem” (April 30): Mass shootings of victims varying from young schoolchildren to Asian Americans and Jews is symptomatic...

Confronting domestic abuse

During the past year, home has been a safe haven for most people. It was the comfortable refuge from the deadly pandemic, which predominantly...

Biden’s 100 day speech

President Joe Biden marked his 100th day in office last week with a nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress. He spoke...
Jonathan S. Tobin

Opinion | Does America’s Afghanistan pullout bode ill for Israel?

It turns out that there are some things on which President Joe Biden and his predecessor agree. Former President Donald Trump endorsed Biden’s decision to...
Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum

Pesach Sheni | The lessons of the Second Passover

By Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum On Monday we celebrated Pesach Sheni (the Second Passover). The first Passover sacrifice was brought in Egypt in the year 2448...
Torah scroll

Opinion | If rabbis can’t talk about public policy, what’s the point of Torah?

By Rabbi Michael Rothbaum When do you call the rabbi? Sometimes to complain. (We’re Jews, after all.) But usually, a life-cycle event has taken place. A...

Letters to the editor: April 30

Ready to return to shul I applaud the Jewish Times article “Lag B’Omer heralds cautious return to in-person events” (April 23). The synagogue to which...
mute button

Opinion | Sorry, but Zoom Judaism just isn’t the real thing

By Rabbi Eli L. Garfinkel For more than a year now, synagogues around the world have managed to continue their activities during the COVID pandemic...

Resounding bipartisan support for Israel

In today’s combative political climate, amid mounting concerns of partisan posturing, there are few things on which most Democrats and Republicans agree. But a...